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NEW Extraction Kit

Anglevator Extraction Kit
Includes the 3mm left, 3mm right, and 5mm Anglevators as well as a sterilizer box. R & L 3mm Anglevators are the workhorses of your kit, they are used in every extraction procedure and in any situation, a true Swiss Army Knife of oral surgery. Large 5mm Anglevator has a wider blade that tapes to a fine edge. This is used anywhere you need more leverage or torque and is especially effective in large bony defects.
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Price: $399.00
Atraumatic Extraction Kit
ROW 1: 
GD50-5124- Best for molars & premolars. 
GD50-5128- Cowhorn tip 23. 
GD50-5126- Cowhorn 222; Great for posterior teeth and 3rd molars or patients with limited openings. 

ROW 2: 
GD50-5130- Universal forceps. 
GD50-5120- Mini bird beak. Best on root tips and small areas. 
GD50-5122- Mini 150; Great for sectioned molars, root tips, and has tremendous strength with superior control and ability. 

ROW 3: 
Anglevator 3mm left, 5mm, and 3mm right- truly the workhorses of your kit. They can be used in every extraction procedure with each one targeting a different angle to work your way into each individual tooth with.
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Price: $995.00