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Dermal Curettes

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A Dermal curette is used mainly to remove basal cell carcinomas and scrape skin lesions. The curette is extremely sharp, which ensures effective and gentle removal of tissue. We offer multiple patterns of surgical curettes to accommodate you in various surgical case

Surgeons can find the best one according to their surgical preferences!

Saalfield Comedone Extractor

Saalfield Comedone Extractor


Saalfield Comedone Extractor is ideal for the treatment of whiteheads, blackheads, or acne. It comes ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Mcglamry Bullneck Curettes

Mcglamry Bullneck Curettes


Mcglamry Bullneck Curettes are commonly used for scraping excess tissues or growths. It comes with m ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Unna Comedone Extractor 5 3/4 inch Double Ended

Unna Comedone Extractor 5 3/4" Double Ended

SKU: G09-07

Availability: In Stock

Unna Comedone Extractor is widely used to treat facial blemishes. The double-ended tool has two oval ...

Walton Comedone Extractor 6 1/2 inch Lancet

Walton Comedone Extractor 6 1/2" Lancet

SKU: G58-7040

Availability: In Stock

Walton Comedone Extractor is widely used to treat facial blemishes. The double-ended tool has two ov ...

Ingrown Nail Shaver 5 inch Fenestrated Blade with Inside Cutting Edge

Ingrown Nail Shaver 5" Fenestrated Blade with Inside Cutting Edge

SKU: G22-293

Availability: In Stock

Ingrown Nail Shaver is used to treating ingrown nails. The instrument is crafted from high-quality G ...

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