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GermedUSA Inc. manufactures the finest Quality Pet Grooming Instruments such as Pet Grooming Instruments, Medical Grooming Instruments, Veterinary Grooming Instruments, Grooming Equipments at the most affordable prices. GermedUSA offers its customers the most reliable customer service. Processing an order with GermedUSA is hassle free, because your satisfaction is our number one priority. GermedUSA offers a wide selection of Medical Equipment.

Tissue and Cuticle Nipper, 5", Convex Jaws, Stainless
Nippers, Tissue and Cuticle, convex jaws, stainless steel, 5"/ 12.5 cm
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Regular Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $39.96
White Toe Nail 4 1/2"
Wide variety of styles and sizes for hospital patients to choose from it’s also stainless steel & corrosion resistant.
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Regular Price: $35.95
On Sale For: $28.76