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5 Reasons Why Allen Intestinal Clamp Needed For Clamping Tissues

5 Reasons Why Allen Intestinal Clamp Needed For Clamping Tissues

Before understanding the instruments, it is essential to discuss some basics of Colon & Rectal Surgeries.

Right now, approximately $135.9 billion population is suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

As a short introduction to such surgeries, I have collected some data from the past. During the 20th century, there was a dramatic change in the prevalence and incidence of digestive diseases. In the United States, the growth rate is higher as compared to other countries. It resulted from many factors such as food supply, sanitation, the introduction of new drugs, vaccinations, and many more.

From 2015, approximately 1.3% of adults in the USA reported being diagnosed with gastrointestinal diseases. It was a massive increase from 1999. Many people have more likely to report having IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease), including the following factors:

  • Hispanic or non-Hispanic white
  • Living in poverty
  • Aged 45 years or older
  • Not currently employed
  • Living in suburban areas
  • With less than a high school level of education

Colon and rectal surgeries treat the malignant and benign conditions of the small and large intestine. These surgeries also cover the anorectal region. The healthcare professionals have completed the surgeries by performing routine screening examinations. Here are five types of colon and rectal surgeries:

  • Left hemicolectomy
  • Right hemicolectomy
  • Subtotal colectomy
  • Low anterior resection
  • Abdominoperineal resection

Many research discoveries have led to a further step into the healthcare profession research. It leads to changes in minimally invasive procedures, diagnostic tests, and new drug introduction. So, the healthcare system is now providing these advances with assured positive outcomes to the population.

As a result of all such research and discoveries, instrumentation also playing a pivotal role side by side.

See why Allen Intestinal Clamp Necessary For Colon & Rectal Surgeries?

Among a vast array of instruments required for surgeries, the Allen clamp is the most important when going for colon & rectal surgeries. It has a correct tactile reflex needed when manipulating the intestinal tissues.

Here I have discussed five top-notch reasons that why it is the most demanded in surgeries. Have a look at the following!

Design of Allen Intestinal Clamp

Allen Intestinal Clamp crafted with unique toothed edges. These tooth edges are ideal for clamping and grasping tissues. It is also known as “toothed forceps.” It features longitudinal serrations for secure handling. The slender design of the clamp ensures deep tissue access. The ring handle makes it more versatile for easy manipulation.

Multiple uses of Allen Intestinal Clamp

It is also suitable for gripping small structures during surgical procedures. It is used to grasp the blood vessels securely, intestinal walls, mucous surfaces, fibrous structures, and skin—an ideal clamp for the stomach and rectum to maintain enough hemostasis.

Used For Multiple Surgeries

It comes in multiple variations to accommodate the surgeons in a wide range of surgeries. The design is delicate enough to be used for multiple surgeries, depending on the surgeon’s preferences. The versatile features make it more suitable for clamping purposes in surgeries.

Gives Secure Grip

The versatility of this instrument makes it ideal for a wide range of surgeries. Here you know why it is most demanded in surgeries because it gives a secure grip to tissues and provides atraumatic applications.

Durability and Longevity

It features a high-quality premium-grade German surgical stainless body. Sterilization is essential before and after the surgery. Thus, we can use it on a long-term basis. The unbendable design is robust and rustproof.  

Apart from all these reasons, are you not satisfied with the above information?

Here search your answer in frequently asked questions!

What is an Allen intestinal Clamp?

Allen clamp is also known as “Allen Intestinal Clamp.” It is widely used to clamp the intestinal tissues, blood vessels, and skin surface during surgical procedures.

Is Allen intestinal Clamp available in multiple types?

Yes, it comes in multiple types along with different variations. These variations accommodate the healthcare professional in a wide range of surgeries.

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