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Hohmann Retractors

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The Hohmann Retractor is designed to hold, deviate, and protect the bones during orthopedic surgeries.

Have a look at the following features: 
•    Bent Hohmann Retractor
•    Mini Hohmann Retractors
•    Right Angle Hohmann Retractor
•    Hohmann Retractor Square End

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Femoral/Gluteus Medius Minimus Retractor 11.75 inch Blade Width 20mm

Femoral/Gluteus Medius Minimus Retractor 11.75" Blade Width 20mm

SKU: G32-245

Availability: In Stock

Femoral/gluteus medius minimus retractor is made for hip surgeries and other orthopedic procedures. ...

Rose Retractor 5 1/2 inch Double Ended

Rose Retractor 5 1/2" Double Ended

SKU: G13-859

Availability: In Stock

Rose Retractor 5 1/2" Double Ended is made to separate a surgical wound's edges. It is built with Ge ...

Superior Capsular Retractor 9.375 inch Blade Width 19mm

Superior Capsular Retractor 9.375" Blade Width 19mm

SKU: G32-605

Availability: In Stock

Superior capsular retractor is built for orthopedic procedures like total shoulder arthroplasty. Thi ...

Hip Resurfacing Instruments 12.25” (31.1cm), Blade Width 67mm

Hip Resurfacing Instruments 12.25” (31.1cm), Blade Width 67mm

SKU: G32-235

Availability: In Stock

Hip resurfacing instrument is uniquely built to use in orthopedic surgical procedures. This instrume ...

Wide Hohmann Single Prong

Wide Hohmann Single Prong

SKU: G32-210

Availability: In Stock

Wide Hohmann single prong is held in orthopedic surgeries, and it is known as a bony lever retractor ...

Proximal Femoral Exposure and Broaching Retractor

Proximal Femoral Exposure and Broaching Retractor

SKU: G32-355

Availability: In Stock

Proximal femoral exposure and broaching retractor is made for exposing the calcar femoral as well as ...

Bicep Elevator

Bicep Elevator

SKU: G32-165

Availability: In Stock

Bicep elevator is frequently used for elevating and retracting the bicep tendons in orthopedic surge ...

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