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Backhaus Towel Clamp

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Backhaus Towel Clamp is used for fixing drapes to the skin of anesthetized patients. They are used in the operating room, but they are also used in the physician's clinic. It is suitable for all general and specific surgical procedures. Thus, it is used for a range of medical approaches. The instrument has a scissors-like action with ratchet fixation at the finger loops. It features a sharp, incurve, needle-like blade. The clip's tip may be curved or pointer. It may have teeth to provide a firm grip. The clamp is available in different sizes and styles. There are several ways in which a towel clamp can be positioned. The clamp may connect two towels or clip to a frame. In the Backhaus towel clamp case, it can also clamp to the patient's skin. The delicate design is intended to allow the clamp to clip without occluding or pinching. Thus, it prevents complications during surgery. This incredible instrument is made from high-quality stainless material. Keeping in view,

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Backhaus Towel Clamp

Backhaus Towel Clamp


Backhaus towel clamp is used for holding drapes or towels on a patient’s skin during a wide range ...

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