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Post Mortem Instruments

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Our Post Mortem instruments are designed ergonomically with the use of rust free materials to be used with ease during the process. Post Mortem set includes:

•    Aneurysm Needle
•    Bone-Cutting Forceps
•    Dissecting Scissors
•    Virchow Skull Breaker Blade
•    Rib Shears

We offer a wide variety of Post Mortem Instruments with multiple variations. These instruments are user-friendly and reduce the efforts of pathologists.

Aneurysm Needle

Aneurysm Needle


Aneurysm Needle is used for passing ligatures around vessels or aneurysms. It comes with a range of ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Virchow Brain Sectioning Knife

Virchow Brain Sectioning Knife


Virchow Brain Sectioning Knife is used to cut and manipulate the delicate brain tissues during brain ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Dubois Decapitation Scissors Curved 10 1/2 inch - Blunt Points Heavy Pattern

Dubois Decapitation Scissors Curved 10 1/2" - Blunt Points Heavy Pattern

SKU: G15-970

Availability: In Stock

Dubois Decapitation Scissors are used during autopsies and dissection processes. The scissors come i ...

Littauer-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Straight 6 inch

Littauer-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Straight 6"

SKU: G40-500

Availability: In Stock

Littauer-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps 6” are used for bone cutting during multiple surgeries. These ...

Dissecting Scissors Straight 4 1/2 inch - Two Sharp Points

Dissecting Scissors Straight 4 1/2" - Two Sharp Points

SKU: G48-200

Availability: In Stock

Dissecting Scissors Straight 4 1/2" are used for dissection purposes during Post Mortem procedures. ...

Enterotomy Scissors Curved  8 inch Blunt Points - Heavy Blades

Enterotomy Scissors Curved 8" Blunt Points - Heavy Blades

SKU: G48-400

Availability: In Stock

Enterotomy Scissors are designed to cut the gastrointestinal tissues. These scissors feature a probe ...

Virchow Skull Breaker Blade 1/2 inch Wide 3 inch

Virchow Skull Breaker Blade 1/2" Wide 3"

SKU: G48-600

Availability: In Stock

Virchow Skull Breaker Blade 3” is used to give effective blows to the skull to expose the brain du ...

Post Mortam Hammer Hook Blade 9 1/2 inch

Post Mortam Hammer Hook Blade 9 1/2"

SKU: G48-700

Availability: In Stock

Post-Mortam Hammer Hook Blade exerts a striking pressure or force on bone chisels in forensic cases. ...

Ritcher Dissecting Scissors 5 inch Angular Blades - One Sharp / One Blunt

Ritcher Dissecting Scissors 5" Angular Blades - One Sharp / One Blunt

SKU: G48-300

Availability: In Stock

Ritcher Dissecting Scissors 5” Angular blades are used for tissue dissection during multiple surge ...

Dissecting Tenaculum Sharp Point 6 1/2 inch

Dissecting Tenaculum Sharp Point 6 1/2"

SKU: G48-800

Availability: In Stock

Dissecting Tenaculum 6 ½” is used for effective tissue holding and seizing. It comes in multiple ...

Stille Pattern Rib Shears 8 1/2 inch

Stille Pattern Rib Shears 8 1/2"

SKU: G45-158

Availability: In Stock

Stille Pattern Rib shears 8 ½” is used for rib cutting. The instrument comes in multiple variati ...

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