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Dressing, Tissue & Splinter Forceps

A slender forceps in dressing wounds for gripping gauze or sutures and extracting pieces of necrosed tissue and tiny foreign bodies. Forceps dented at the tip used to treat soft tissue, such as enclosures to the skin. Often known as locked forceps, these are ratcheted devices for holding tissue or things, or for providing hemostasis. GerMedUSA has worldwide recognition for high-quality surgical tools spanning approximately 30 years. Our operating room quality medical tools use the highest grades of surgical steel, provide finely detailed quality design and intricate manufacturing practices. The design of stainless steel provides non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, and rust-proof properties, to have greater longevity. The single instrument is thoroughly tested for accuracy and functionality. No single surgical device leaves our warehouse until it is visually checked.

Thumb Dressing Forceps  

Tissue Forceps  

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