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Bulldog Clamp CTI stops the flow of blood by holding vessels or tissues. It is most commonly used in coronary artery bypass surgery. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp
•    Bulldog Clamp Applying Forceps

The spring handle guarantees an adequate grip to ensure the vessels or tissues are not damaged while being held. 

Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp

Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp

The Diethrich Micro Bulldog Clamp is used for clamping and occluding blood vessels during cardiothor ...

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Bulldog Clamp Applying Forceps 9 1/2 inch

Bulldog Clamp Applying Forceps 9 1/2"

SKU: G45-470

Availability: In Stock

Bulldog Clamp Applying Forceps are used during cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. It comes in a ...

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