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Skin Hooks are designed to retract the skin and soft tissues during a wide range of orthopedic and plastic surgeries. These hooks are also useful for dermatologic surgeries.

We offer the following skin hook patterns: 
•    Converse Skin Hook
•    Cottle Skin Hook
•    Frazier Skin Hook
•    Freer Skin Hook  

The ergonomic design also protects from undesirable trauma to the skin. These instruments are crafted from German surgical stainless steel. 

Converse Skin Hook  

Converse Skin Hooks

Converse Skin Hooks assist surgeons in retracting skin flaps and soft tissues during dermatological procedures. We offer them in small and large sizes, which allows surgeons to work with the most suitable instrument.

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Cottle Skin Hook  

Cottle Skin Hooks

Cottle Skin Hooks are used to manipulate soft tissues and skin during ophthalmic procedures. We offer them in different patterns and size variations to give surgeons multiple options.

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Frazier Skin Hook  

Frazier Skin Hooks

Frazier Skin Hooks are specially designed to retract skin and other soft tissues during various surgical procedures. We offer them in two variations, with blunt and sharp tips, so surgeons can select one according to the needs of the ongoing surgical procedure.

Multiple SKUs Available

Freer Skin Hook  

Freer Skin Hooks

Freer Skin Hooks help surgeons grasp and position the skin to get a clear view of the underlying tissues during rhinoplasty and many other procedures. These surgical instruments feature 2.5 mm wide double prongs.

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Gillies Hook  

Gillies Hook Small 8"

Gillies Hook Small 8" is useful for surgeons to grasp, hold, and elevate skin flaps while closing a wound or performing reconstructive surgery. We use German stainless steel to make it corrosion-resistant and easily sterilizable.

$52.29 10% Off

Joseph Hook  

Joseph Double Prong Skin Hooks

Double Prong Joseph Skin Hook is made of high-grade surgical steel which is ergonomically designed to maximize productivity by minimizing user fatigue.

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Joseph Hook Sharp Single Prong 6" 1/2

Joseph Skin Hook is often used handheld retractor to hold back the skin during intranasal and pharyngeal surgery procedures.

$76.47 10% Off

Misc. Skin Hook  

Skin Hooks 4 3/4" Sharp Prongs 3mm Diameter

Skin Hooks 4 3/4", Sharp Prongs 3mm Diameter is a simple and practical instrument for use in dermatologic surgery.

$93.54 20% Off

Tyrell Iris Hook  

Tyrell Iris Hook

GerMedUSA offers a uniquely designed Tyrell Iris Hook which is an ideal ophthalmic instrument featuring a single-pronged hook. The tool assists surgeons in the retraction, handling, dissection, and removal of delicate eye tissues. It is available in blunt and sharp styles.

Multiple SKUs Available