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Ear hooks are used to remove foreign bodies, excise tissues, and move small structures like tympanic grafts to repair eardrum perforations. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Day Ear Hooks
•    Gross Ear Hook and Spoon

They come with a long ergonomic handle for dexterity and control. Their slender shaft makes it easier for them to reach deeper surgical sites.

Day Ear Hook

Day Ear Hook

The Day Ear Hook is an ear instrument that cleans the ear canal before treating an ear disease. GerM ...

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Gross Ear Hook and Spoon 5 inch

Gross Ear Hook and Spoon 5"

SKU: G19-130

Availability: In Stock

The Gross Ear Hook and Spoon is a highly versatile tool used to clean the ear canal before any surge ...

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