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Dermal Retractors

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Dermal Retractors are excellent instruments used for the retraction of the skin. These skin retractors are placed on the skin through a guide handle and harvested as full thicknesses or splitting the dermis. Our broad line of surgical retractors is high quality, with specially designed blades, teeth, and handles that ensure non-traumatic grip on sensitive skin and tissues.

This top-line of dermal retractors includes any type of retractor used during dermal skin. These instruments help the dermatologist to push the tissues aside manually as any other surgical retractors do. Our retractors can withstand many years of daily use. Our dermal retractor is designed with a perfectly smooth transition and rounded edges of teeth and blades. The surface is highly polished that increases longevity and streamlines the cleaning process.

The handles of these retractors ensure a comfortable feeling during use. Many patterns and sizes are available with unique and long ergonomic handles. This category includes any type of hand-held and self-retaining dermal retractors.

GerMedUSA is the leading market leader of surgical instruments that are a perfect part of every surgeon’s kit. We have set the standard of high-quality surgery instruments that helps you in getting desired results. Browse our broad selection of dermal and surgical retractors!

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