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Key only for Steinmann Pin Chuck

Key only for Steinmann Pin Chuck

SKU: G39-798

Availability: In Stock

Key Only For Steinmann Pin Chuck is a durable surgical instrument used for crafting the Steinmann pi ...

Steinmann Pin Single Diamond Round 6 inch 2.0mm 5/64 inch pkg/6

Steinmann Pin Single Diamond Round 6" 2.0mm 5/64" pkg/6

SKU: G39-386

Availability: In Stock

The Steinmann Pins 6" features a 2.0mm 5/64" single diamond round tip. These are designed for orthop ...

$230.00 10% Off

Our Steinmann Pins are used in bone fixation surgery. They are ideal for reducing and stabilizing fractures. We offer the following patterns with multiple variations: 

•    Double Trocar
•    Single Trocar
•    Double diamond
•    Single diamond

GerMedUSA Inc. offers a broad range of Steinmann Pin Orthopedic Instruments. They are available in different diameters, styles, and patterns for the ease of the users.