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Harrington Scissors

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The Harrington Scissors are versatile surgical instruments used for cutting in narrow surgical fields. They are specially designed with flat blades either curved or straight, along with a shaft and finger-ring comfortable handles. All sizes are not equal. So surgeons choose tools according to the needs and requirements of the surgery. These scissors do not hurt the nearby muscles and soft tissues. Users may feel confident while performing long surgeries. The body of the tools is made of 100% German medical-grade stainless steel. So, they are reliable, rustproof, and lightweight. Moreover, they are reusable and can be used after sterilization. Therefore, GerMedUSA offers Harrington Scissors with multiple variations. Our equipment can be a part of your surgical kit if cared properly.
Harrington Scissors

Harrington Scissors


Harrington Scissors are specifically designed for use in deeper or superficial dissections. They hav ...

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