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Our premium quality bone clamps are perfectly designed for orthopedic surgeons to handle tough tasks easily. So why are these bone holder forceps important for surgeries?

These instruments have: 
•    Finger ring handles for Precise Grip 
•    Curved Serrated Jaws for atraumatic application 
•    Long ergonomic pattern for maximum Control 

This supreme-quality orthopedic clamp is a MUST-HAVE option in your surgical kit.

Lewin Bone Forceps 7 inch Slightly Curved Serrated Jaws

Lewin Bone Forceps 7" Slightly Curved Serrated Jaws

SKU: G24-06

Availability: In Stock

Lewin Bone Forceps are the ideal addition to your orthopedic surgical kit as it is designed to handl ...

$181.40 $145.12
Pin Clamp 6 inch Ratchet 25mm

Pin Clamp 6" Ratchet 25mm

SKU: G32-980

Availability: In Stock

Pin Clamp 6" Ratchet 25mm is an important orthopedic surgical instrument. It features two pointed ti ...

Bone Rongeur - Small

Bone Rongeur - Small

The Bone Rongeur - Small is a surgeon’s hand extension for manipulating bones in orthopaedic proce ...

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