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Deaver Retractor

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Deaver Retractor is primarily used to retract the body's deep tissues, such as the chest or abdomen. This double-ended tool has a long, curved blade at one end and a small, straight-angle blade. The short end may aid in withdrawing the bladder's walls throughout intravesical surgery, and the longer end may be better for more significant retraction. It comes in small, medium, and large patterns to accommodate various surgeries.

Some unique patterns are Deaver Retractors with Plain Handle, Deaver Retractors Hollow Grip Handle, and Pediatric Deaver Retractors. All patterns are specifically manufactured for specified surgical procedures. The feature of the smooth handle with curled inward grip gives the secure grasping ability and secure manipulation. All these instruments are reusable after sterilization. We also offer customization options for the instruments you need to satisfy your surgical preferences.

GerMedUSA understands the needs and requirements of the accurate size of the instruments for surgery. All of our Instruments are manufactured with German Forged stainless steel. This equipment can be used for providing visualization and access during the medical procedure. The instruments we provide are reliable, sturdy, and sharp.

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