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Miscellaneous Ear Instruments category various kinds of instruments used during ear surgical procedures such as tympanoplasty, tracheotomy, stapedectomy, mastoidectomy, etc.

Here are some of them:
•    Hartman Eustachian Catheters
•    Ear Syringe
•    Bellucci Endaural Retractor
•    Henner Endaural Retractor
•    Quire Mechanical Finger

All these instruments are made from premium-grade German forged stainless steel that keeps them strong and rustproof.

Ear Syringe

Ear Syringe

Ear Syringe is designed to irrigate the ear using warm water or other required fluid. The unique des ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Bellucci Endaural Retractors

Bellucci Endaural Retractors

The Bellucci Endaural Retractors are a set of surgical instruments designed for use in ear surgery. ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Henner Endaural Retractor 4 3/4 inch

Henner Endaural Retractor 4 3/4"

SKU: G19-154

Availability: In Stock

Henner Endaural Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument that is designed to hold and retract ...

$275.41 20% Off
Wullstein Ear Scissors 3 inch  Shaft Straight Very Delicate

Wullstein Ear Scissors 3" Shaft Straight Very Delicate

SKU: G19-186

Availability: In Stock

Wullstein Ear Scissors are used to dissect small tissues during ear microsurgery. The scissors are c ...

$466.55 20% Off
Quire Mechanical Finger 4 inch

Quire Mechanical Finger 4"

SKU: G19-09

Availability: In Stock

Quire Mechanical Finger is an incredible surgical instrument used to remove foreign body particles f ...

$280.39 20% Off