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Urology Retractors

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The Urology Retractors are surgical instruments used for retracting tissues and provide access to the surgical site. Generally, they are used for prostatic urological surgical procedures. When the aim is to get better access to the surgical site without hurting nearby structures, this instrument works perfectly. A variety of sizes and styles are available for the users. Moreover, surgeons use them according to the required surgery. Young Prostatic Retractor is an incredible urology instrument features right-angled blades that make the L-shape profile that ensures optimal retraction. The ergonomic hollow handle gives precise control during manipulation. This excellent retractor features a lateral blade to suit multiple applications.

The body of the retractors is made of 100% medical-grade materials. These retractors safely and gently adjust organs and tissues to expose the underneath. They are lightweight, rust-free, and unbendable. The stainless instrument features high-tensile strength and rustproof properties.

GerMedUSA offers an incredible range of Urology Retractors with multiple variations. Our exceptional tools are perfect to be a part of your unique surgical kit. All these instruments are sharp, durable, and robust. We also offer customized instruments to satisfy your personal surgical need.

Young Prostatic Retractor

Young Prostatic Retractor


Young Prostatic Retractor is specifically designed to retract the prostate gland during prostatectom ...

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