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Debakey Thoracic Tissue Forceps are used for atraumatic manipulation of delicate tissues during cardiovascular and thoracic surgical procedures. 

Here are some of the features:
•    Various Tip Sizes
•    German Stainless Material
•    Atraumatic Use

They are available in different tip sizes. You can use the one that suits your requirements the best.

Debakey Adson Tissue Forcep 4 3/4 inch 1.5mm Fenestrated Handle

Debakey Adson Tissue Forcep 4 3/4" 1.5mm Fenestrated Handle

SKU: G47-116 A

Availability: In Stock

Debakey Adson Tissue Forcep 4 3/4" 1.5mm Fenestrated Handle is suitable for grasping and picking del ...

$109.95 $88.95
Debakey Forceps 4 1/2 inch Fenestrated Handle Titanium

Debakey Forceps 4 1/2" Fenestrated Handle Titanium

SKU: G59-01 T

Availability: In Stock

Debakey Forceps are designed for vascular procedures to hold tissues without damaging them. They fea ...

$189.95 $119.95