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Plaster Knives are used to cut plaster casts. They are sharp and strong. They provide an atraumatic cutting action and do not harm the patient’s skin. 

For example:
•    Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle 

These plaster knives are made from premium-grade German stainless steel that makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle 1 1/2 inch Blade 7 inch

Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle 1 1/2" Blade 7"

SKU: G22-264

Availability: In Stock

Reiner Plaster Knife is designed to be used to remove the delicate pieces of a dried plaster cast. I ...

$187.40 $149.92
Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle

Reiner Plaster Knife Metal Handle

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