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Dermal Scissors are surgical instruments used during the dermatological procedure to cut moleskin fabric. This tool is autoclavable and can withstand environmental changes.

Here are some of the features:
Angled Blade
•    Sharp Edges
•    Finger-ring Handle
•    German Stainless Material

They are ideal for an atraumatic cutting process where the surrounding tissues remain safe from harm. 

Biro Dermal Naevus Scissors Angled on Flat with Sharp Edge  4 inch

Biro Dermal Naevus Scissors Angled on Flat with Sharp Edge 4"

SKU: G22-282

Availability: In Stock

Biro Dermal Naevus Scissors are made to assist in dermatological procedures. This instrument has a u ...

$129.56 20% Off
Castroviejo Scissors 6 inch Curved Micro Tip

Castroviejo Scissors 6" Curved Micro Tip

SKU: G18-472

Availability: In Stock

With a curved micro tip, these 6" Castroviejo Scissors are ideal for delicate tissue cutting during ...

$339.95 15% Off
Castroviejo Scissors 4 3/4 inch Straight Micro Tip

Castroviejo Scissors 4 3/4" Straight Micro Tip

SKU: G18-460

Availability: In Stock

These straight-edged Castroviejo Scissors with 4 3/4" lengths and a micro tip offer excellent precis ...

$250.53 20% Off