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Periosteal Elevator is used during neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures to lift or cut the periosteum tissue. They can be used to scrape flaps which helps in revealing fractured or diseased bones. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Cushing Little Joker Periosteal Elevator
•    Freer Elevator Double Ended

They also come with a double-ended feature with blunt and sharp tips that provide an atraumatic surgical experience. 

Cushing Little Joker Periosteal Elevator 6 inch

Cushing Little Joker Periosteal Elevator 6"

SKU: G46-344

Availability: In Stock

Cushing periosteal elevator has another name that is little joker periosteal elevator. It functions ...

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Neurosurgery Periosteal Elevator

Neurosurgery Periosteal Elevator

Neurosurgery Periosteal Elevator is designed to lift the galea aponeurotica below the temporalis mus ...

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