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Rochester Ochsner Forceps

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Rochester Ochsner Forceps are known as hemostats. These forceps effectively clamp off blood vessels to prevent leakage during operations. These forceps have 1x2 teeth on the tip of the sharpened jaws to clamp the arteries or to grip the tissue. This "rat-tooth" can be identified as one position at one end of the jaw that fits between two teeth at the end of the other jaw. These teeth can be used for tightening up thick tissue. The Instrument comes up with multiple variations. So, you can pick the best one of your choice. It comes in straight or curved patterns. Straight pattern features longitudinal serrated jaws and cross-serrated tips that allow clinching an ovarian pedicle. The functional teeth ensure comfortable tissue gripping.

The Instrument is crafted from high-grade German surgical stainless material. Thus, the instruments are reusable after sterilization. The delicate design makes it perfect for clamping purposes. The stainless instrument body features high-tensile strength and rustproof characteristics. Pressure and heat do not affect the instrument body.

GerMedUSA is committed to providing all the instruments required to perform various surgeries. Our Mosquito Forceps are made from high-grade material to increase durability and longevity. We have crafted this exclusive instrument with the help of professionals. Our advancement in medical devices has allowed a much more comprehensive diagnosis. You can also find customized instruments of your choice if you need to fulfill your personal surgical need.

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