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Kocher Forceps

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Kocher Forceps are used to clamp massive tissues. These forceps are also known as artery forceps. Its unique design help avoids slippage when surgeons try to grip the arteries. These hemostatic forceps are used during general surgeries and applied during specific procedures such as removing thyroid or draining of gallbladder. They feature 1x2 teeth on curved or straight jaws to prevent slippage when surgeons try to grip the arteries. Though the forceps are typically used for a range of surgical procedures, but can also be applied to more specific procedures. They are also specifically designed to catch the intestines within deep tissues. The instrument's blades are longer than other forceps and feature teeth at the terminal end and grooves on other ends in some variations. The blades of the instrument have transverse serrations as well. The ratcheted mechanism locks the forceps securing the structure. While this hemostatic Forceps is usually used for general surgery, it can also be used for more specialized procedures such as biliary discharge or thyroid extraction.

They are made from high-grade German surgical stainless steel and can be reused after sterilization. This metal keeps it lightweight and rustproof. Very low maintenance is required due to having high tensile strength and resistance against environmental changes.

GerMedUSA offers an extensive range of forceps with multiple variations. Our versatile forceps are perfect to be a part of your amazing surgical kit for years. These instruments are widely preferred to perform a broad range of surgical operations. We can also design our surgeons' custom kit packs according to their needs. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp. Millions of surgeons throughout the globe rely on and use our surgical instruments that set standards in the surgery field. We enable the world’s top care community to effectively manage their surgical practices and deliver quality care to patients.

Kocher Hemostatic Forceps

Kocher Hemostatic Forceps


Kocher Hemostatic Forceps are used to clamp massive tissues and avoid slippage when surgeons try to ...

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