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Walsham Septum Straighteners

Walsham Septum Straighteners

Walsham Septum Straighteners are useful in nasal reconstructive surgery. The forceps are used to gra ...

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Ash Septum Straightener Angled Blades Flat Inside 9 inch

Ash Septum Straightener Angled Blades Flat Inside 9"

SKU: G19-243

Availability: In Stock

These specially designed instruments are used in nasal septum surgeries to fix deviated or reduced s ...

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There are several Surgical Instruments used in plastic surgeries. They can ‌modify, restore, reconstruct, or alter body parts. There are separate instruments for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The main aim of plastic surgery is to restore the function and appearance of damaged tissue and skin to bring them to normal form. 

We are offering:

•    Misc Plastic Surgical Instruments
•    Dieffenbach Serrefines

Our Miscellaneous Plastic Surgical Instruments are forged from surgical grade German stainless steel which makes them durable and rustproof. Make them part of your kit to fulfill the requirements of your patients effectively.