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Cap only for K-Wire Dispenser  

Cap only for K-Wire Dispensers For G25-100 and G25-102

Cap only for K-Wire Dispensers are highly versatile surgical instruments and have their significance in orthopedic processes. It comes with multiple variations so that you can pick the ideal one of your choice. It is manufactured from premium-grade German surgical stainless steel so that it can be reused after sterilization.


Forceps Instrument Holder  

Forceps Holder

Forceps Holder is widely used to hold the forceps during orthopedic surgical procedures. It is also used to grasp and manipulate the needles during surgical procedures. It is made up of German surgical stainless steel and it can be reused after the sterilization process. It comes with a combination of variations, so you can pick the best one of your choice.

Multiple SKUs Available

Instrument Stringer  

Instrument Stringer With Lock

Instrument Stringer With Lock is a highly versatile surgical instrument and is widely used as a center rat-tooth style lock. This unique instrument holds maximum ring-handled instruments together. The unique design ensures the instrument’s design and pattern are not damaged due to resistance.

Multiple SKUs Available

K Wire Dispenser  

Pin Dispenser  

Pin Dispenser Smooth Pins

Pin Dispenser Smooth Pins are generally used during orthopedic surgical procedures. These smooth dispenser pins are suitable for dispensing pins where required in surgeries. We craft this instrument from premium-grade German surgical stainless material. So, it is reusable after sterilization.

Multiple SKUs Available

Plastic Cap  

Plastic Cap Only Press on Four Chambered K-Wire and Pin Disp

Plastic Cap Only Press on Four Chambered K-Wire and Pin Dispenser is used to cover the pinhead. The cap helps the pins to stay safe and secure. The material is not damaged under the plastic cover, and surgeons can use the pins easily for dispensing purposes.


Twist Drill Rack  

Twist Drill Rack Holds 13 Drill Bits 5" Diameter 1.5 - 5.0mm

Twist Drill Rack is a perfect solution to manage the orthopedic twist drill bits. This rack is specifically designed to hold 5" drill bits, up to 13 at a time, ranging from 1.5 to 5.0mm in diameter. It is ideally suited for use in orthopedic procedures.


Containers are designed to keep all instruments in them for sterilization. It is available in the following patterns: 

  • Small Pattern
  • Medium Pattern
  • Large Pattern 

All instruments are fully protected and not damaged due to sterilization heat and pressure.