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The Payr Pylorus Clamps are used to block the bowel loops and pylorus during gut surgeries. It makes the removal of infected bowel parts easier.

Here are some of them:
•    Payr Pylorus Clamp
•    Benson Pylorus Separator

These clamps are autoclavable. They can withstand high temperatures and environmental pressures.

Payr Pylorus Clamp

Payr Pylorus Clamp

Payr Pylorus Clamp is an incredible surgical instrument and intended to use compressing or clamping ...

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Benson Pylorus Separator 5 3/4 inch

Benson Pylorus Separator 5 3/4"

SKU: G11-192

Availability: In Stock

Benson Pylorus Separator is an intestinal instrument used to hold intestines during surgical procedu ...

$150.26 $120.21