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Operating Room Surgical Instruments

GerMedUSA Inc. is a US surgical instrument company and one of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers of Surgical Instruments for Operating Rooms. For decades our company has been known world wide for having the highest quality Operating Room surgical instruments. GerMedUSA understands the importance of details when crafting Medical Surgical Instruments and Equipment, therefore company craftsmen continue to manufacture superior German Medical Surgical Tools and Hospital Equipment in the industry.

GerMedUSA, The Complete Shop for All Surgical Instruments such as Operating Room surgical instruments, Orthopedic instruments, Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, as well as Pre-assembled Surgical Instruments Sets for most surgical procedures.

Our company has its roots from Wurmlingen Germany and use the latest in manufacturing as well as high grade metal such as TC (tungsten-carbide) and SS (surgical stainless steel).

All GerMedUSA Operating Room Instruments come with a LIFETIME WARRANTEE.
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