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Measuring Instruments

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The Measuring instruments are used to measure a variety of things during orthopedic surgical procedures. Popular measuring tool patterns are:

•    Flexible Ruler
•    Castroviejo Caliper
•    Steel Ruler
•    K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge
•    Standard Goniometer

The instrument takes an accurate measurement of the target and may help the user perform an error-free incision. In addition, these reusable instruments do not malfunction easily.

Castroviejo Caliper

Castroviejo Caliper


Castroviejo Caliper is used in strabismus and many other surgical procedures that involve muscles of ...

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Steel Ruler

Steel Ruler


A Steel Ruler is a useful surgical instrument used in a wide variety of clinical settings. It can be ...

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Goniometer Polk Finger 6 inch Graduated Cm/Inch

Goniometer Polk Finger 6" Graduated Cm/Inch

SKU: G29-13

Availability: In Stock

Goniometer Polk Finger is used for precise measurement of the metacarpal, interphalangeal, and phala ...

K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge

K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge

SKU: G18-828

Availability: In Stock

K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge is used to measuring mm, inches, cm, and diameters of wires and pins. The ...

Standard Goniometer

Standard Goniometer


A Standard Goniometer is used to evaluate the passive range of motion for all joints of the upper li ...

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Townley Caliper 4 inch

Townley Caliper 4"

SKU: G18-808

Availability: In Stock

Townley Caliper is used in various orthopedic surgeries where surgeons need to get accurate readings ...




A Caliper is a useful tool commonly used in ophthalmic procedures that include muscles of the eye.

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Tape Measure cm Inches Metal

Tape Measure cm Inches Metal

SKU: G9-100

Availability: In Stock

Tape Measure cm Inches Metal is a flexible ruler used to measure the distance or size of the surgica ...

Bone Compass 8 inch Maximum Opening 110mm

Bone Compass 8" Maximum Opening 110mm

SKU: G18-851

Availability: In Stock

Bone Compass is used to measure the width and diameter of the bone that needs to be sharpened or cut ...

X-Ray Ruler 20 1/2 inch (50cm) mm Graduated

X-Ray Ruler 20 1/2" (50cm) mm Graduated

SKU: G18-830

Availability: In Stock

X-Ray Ruler is used to checking the position and accuracy of the light field for quality adjustment ...

Pin Wire Gauge Ruler Stainless 6 inch

Pin Wire Gauge Ruler Stainless 6"

SKU: G9-102

Availability: In Stock

Pin & Wire Gauge Ruler is used to measure mm, inches, cm, and diameters of wires and pins. The long ...

Thorpe Caliper 4 1/2 inch Angled 80mm Inch and mm Graduations Measures up To 3 inch

Thorpe Caliper 4 1/2" Angled 80mm Inch and mm Graduations Measures up To 3"

SKU: G29-16

Availability: In Stock

Thorpe Calipers are used to measure the accurate distance during ophthalmological procedures. It com ...

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