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Adson Needle Holder

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The Adson Needle Holder is an incredible surgical instrument used to hold the small needles during the suturing process. The features include short inserts with horizontal serrations along with balanced log shaft and ratchet lock finger-ring handles. The ring-handles are relatively bigger for easy holding, and the ratchet lock mechanism keeps the tool firm in one place. The body of the tool is made of 100% medical-grade German metals. The Adson Needle Holders is lightweight, rustproof, and reliable. It is exceptionally balanced and reliable. Moreover, it can be used after sterilization. The cleaning and the sterilization process do not affect the features of the equipment. Therefore, GerMedUSA offers incredible Adson Needle Holder. Our surgical instruments are ideal to be a part of your amazing surgical kit.
Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaws  7 inch

Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaws 7"

SKU: G14-26

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It is used to hold suture needles or drivers during surgical procedures or to suture.

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