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Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaws  7 inch

Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaws 7"

SKU: G14-26

Availability: In Stock

Adson Needle Holder Fenestrated Jaw consists of 7 inches in length, and it provides the firmest grip ...

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Adson Needle Holders are used during suturing procedures to hold small needles. The serrated jaws and ratchet mechanism hold the needle in place and drives it through tissues efficiently. 

Here are some features:
•    Fenestrated  jaws
•    Long shanks
•    Horizontal serrations
•    Finger-ring handles
•    Ratchet Lock Mechanism
•    Lightweight

They are made of German forged stainless material that keeps them safe from rust and corrosion. They are reusable after proper cleaning and sterilization.