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Nasal Scissors

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Nasal scissors are ideal for use in nasal surgical procedures for cutting and dissecting tissues. There are many different types of surgical nasal scissors.

Here are some of the types:

●    Plastic Nasal Scissors
●    Aufricht Nasal Scissors
●    Joseph Nasal Scissors
●    Glassman Dissecting Scissors,

They are autoclavable and lightweight. They can be reused after sterilization.

Joseph Nasal Scissors

Joseph Nasal Scissors


Joseph Nasal Scissors are incredible surgical instruments and are widely used to dissect and cut tis ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Aufricht Nasal Scissors

Aufricht Nasal Scissors


Aufricht Nasal Scissors are considered multi-purpose instruments and are widely used in rhinoplasty ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Knight Nasal Scissors Angled On Side  6 3/4 inch

Knight Nasal Scissors Angled On Side 6 3/4"

SKU: G20-72

Availability: In Stock

Knight Nasal Scissors are specifically designed for nasal turbinate reduction procedures. These scis ...

Glassman Dissecting Scissors

Glassman Dissecting Scissors


Glassman Dissecting Scissors are widely used in a range of surgical procedures in order to separate ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Joseph Skin Hook One Prong 6 1/2 inch

Joseph Skin Hook One Prong 6 1/2"

SKU: G22-23

Availability: In Stock

Joseph Skin Hook is a handheld retractor and is widely used for holding back the skin during pharyng ...

Sealy Dissecting Scissors

Sealy Dissecting Scissors


Sealy Dissecting Scissors are highly versatile surgical instruments and are used for any surgical pr ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Plastic Nasal Scissors Curved

Plastic Nasal Scissors Curved

SKU: Plastic Nasal Scissors Curved

Plastic Nasal Scissors are widely used in nasal surgical procedures. These scissors come in multiple ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Douglas Nasal Scissors  7 inch With 1 3/4 inch  Working Length

Douglas Nasal Scissors 7" With 1 3/4" Working Length

SKU: G20-10

Availability: In Stock

Douglas Nasal Scissors are used for nasal surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty and endo-nasal sur ...

Heymann Nasal Scissors 6 3/4 inch Angled On Side - Round Blades,

Heymann Nasal Scissors 6 3/4" Angled On Side - Round Blades,

SKU: G20-73

Availability: In Stock

Heymann Nasal Scissors are designed for cutting and blunt dissection of soft tissues within nasal ca ...

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