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Raspatory Instruments

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Raspatory instruments are used in many orthopedic, neurosurgical, and spinal procedures that require bone reshapings, such as vertebrae and skull. Some patterns are also used in cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. These instruments come in multiple variations, so you have the best one of your choice for your surgical kit.

All these instruments are purely crafted from 100% high-quality German surgical stainless material. So, our instruments are perfect for long-term use. Sterilization is important for every instrument’s reusability properties. Pressure, heat, and temperature do not affect the instrument’s body due to having high-quality material.

We also customize these instruments to meet your surgery requirements—all these customized instruments perfectly crafted while receiving your specifications. Proper quality assurance check analysis ensures the instrument is perfect for your surgeries. All our instruments are robust and ideally used for multiple surgeries.

At GerMedUSA, we are providing high-quality, innovative instruments with the best customer care service. We know the value of a patient’s life, but you can rely on it when you pick up our instruments. These instruments are precisely manufactured to gives you effective results.

Kirmission Raspatory 6 3/4 inch

Kirmission Raspatory 6 3/4"

SKU: G58-2120

Availability: In Stock

Kirmission Raspatory is a highly versatile instrument widely used for bone contouring. It comes with ...

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