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Probe Hook

The Probe Hook is an incredible orthopedic surgical instrument. It is used for lifting and retracting tissue. It is widely used in small joints, knees, and shoulders surgery. Different types of Probe Hooks are used to retract hard tissue and soft tissue. These Probe Hooks are made of 100% German medical-grade stainless steel. They are rust-free, lightweight, and unbendable surgical instruments. The Probe Hooks are exceptional tools that cause less trauma to the skin and aid the healing procedure. It is one of the common hooks used by surgeons and practitioners in hospitals and clinics. Environmental changes, cleaning, and sterilization heat and pressure do not affect the body of the instrument. Therefore, GerMedUSA has manufactured Probe Hook to facilitate the users. It is worthy to keep in your everyday surgical kit.

Meniscus Probe - Dandy Nerve Hook  

Meniscus Probe - Dandy Nerve Hook

Meniscus Probe - Dandy Nerve Hook 9"

SKU: G46-318

Meniscus Probe: Dandy Nerve Hook 9" is a fantastic knee surgical instrument. It is used for better visualization of the cranial and caudal horns in the knee. The meniscus often gets damaged, and this disorder most common.

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