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Bone Saws

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Bone Saw is a vital surgical instrument used for dissection, cutting, removing, or extracting bones during surgeries. Bone Saws are useful instruments widely used for orthopedic surgeries. Orthopedic Surgeons use Unpowered Bone Saws where accurate and measured cuts are required to separate the bones. The stainless steel robust body of the saw is perfect for smooth flesh and bone cuttings. Usually, four types of bone saws are used in multiple surgical procedures.

Engel Cast Cutter 6 inch

Engel Cast Cutter 6"

SKU: G10-100

Availability: In Stock


Joseph Bone Saw 7 1/2 inch Blade 1 1/2 inch

Joseph Bone Saw 7 1/2" Blade 1 1/2"

SKU: G22-501

Availability: In Stock

Joseph Bone Saw 7 1/2" Blade 1 1/2"

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