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Left Hand Instruments

Left Hand Instruments:

GerMedUSA Inc. is one of the most dominating manufacturer of Surgical instrumentsVeterinary Surgical Instruments and Dental Surgical Instruments. GerMedUSA offers a excellent line of Left Hand Instruments. GerMedUSA has been dedicated to serving the Medical Surgical field for decades and understands the importance of being able to offer Left Handed instruments to doctors. Our Left Handed Instruments consist of Bandage Scissors, Mayo dissecting Scissors, Metzenbaum Scissors, Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps, Olsen Hegar Needle Holders with Scissors, and Rochester Carmalt Forceps.

              GerMedUSA offers  the best quality instrumentation crafted by the best craftsmen in the industry, crafting in the  most stellar state of the art facility. GerMedUSA offers its customer the best customer service experience with customer service help Mon- Fri 9am-5pm EST. Our many years of experience in the Medical Surgical Instruments has given us the opportunity to offer our customers the highest quality and very affordable prices in the industry. GerMedUSA is world wide and offers immediate shipment worldwide.

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