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For ENT surgeons, high-quality ear curettes are crucial to effectively removing the ear wax with minimal complication risk. We offer precision-crafted ear curettes that are manufactured from German stainless steel. These instruments allow ENT specialists to manually remove the ear wax via the blunt-ended loops without causing any damage to the ear canal. 

Our ear curettes are available in different sizes and designs, helping you choose the instruments that fit your requirements. 

Disposable Ear Curette

Disposable Ear Curette

The Ear Curette cleans the ear canal wax without damaging the ear canal skin or underlying tissues. ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Shapleigh Ear Curette

Shapleigh Ear Curette

The Shapleigh Ear Curette is a surgical tool used for cleaning the ear canal during ear surgeries. G ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.

Here are some of the variations: 

  • Buck Ear Curette with Angled Blunt Size 3 (3.5mm)
  • Lempert Curette Teardrop Cup Size 4/0
  • Billeau Ear Loop Delicate Large Loop
  • Shapleigh Ear Curette Serrated Loop Small 
  • Disposable Ear Curette Non-Sterile Cup End 

We also offer customization solutions and manufacture surgical ear curettes according to your specific design requirements. The high-quality material makes these instruments more durable. Each variation is corrosion-free and can maintain its precision for a longer period. 
Our ear curettes are designed with attention to detail, ensuring they can lead to satisfactory patient outcomes. They are lightweight and can offer the necessary precision required during the wax removal procedures. 

Why Choose Our Ear Curettes? 

Along with other surgical instruments, with a commitment to precision, GerMedUSA offers high-quality instruments for ENT surgeons. All our instruments, including each of the ear curettes, are manufactured strictly following the FDA guidelines, making them reliable products. 
We are ISO 13485-certified instrument manufacturers and suppliers that have been selling quality to ENT specialists, clinics, and hospitals for over three decades.
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