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Schiotz Tonometer

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Schiotz Tonometer is an incision tonometer used to estimate intraocular pressure by calculating the depth generated on the corneal surface by a known weight load. GerMedUSA has brought the solution to all surgeons around the globe. Introducing a perfect instrument for bone handling, this Schiotz Tonometer Otoscope offers the support of general surgeries at every level. Without comprising upon the quality of the material, German forged stainless steel has been used to produce every instrument. For executing any general surgery, a surgeon may need a set of basic instruments. Keeping these requirements in mind we have designed a unique yet efficient tool for surgeons. All of the instruments are reliable, sturdy, and sharp. Hence after sterilization, they can be reused.
Schiotz Tonometer

Schiotz Tonometer


Schiotz Tonometer is a medical tool used to measure the cornea's surface's intraocular pressure by m ...

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