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Tendon Passer

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Tendon Passer is unique to offer tool equipped to treat tendons in different surgical procedures. Perfectly suited for treatments such as flexor tendon repair to successfully transfer the tendon 's proximal stump to the finger or in many other tendon repair techniques including the patella. Moreover, this instrument contains a sharp point that enables it to be used in specific dissection to enter the specific region where the tendon or tendon fragment is found. This passer is accessible in either a straight or curved design which makes it appropriate for a wide array of orthopedic surgeries. Therefore, GerMedUSA understands the needs and requirements of the accurate size of the instruments for surgery. All of our Instruments are manufactured with the German Forged stainless steel. This equipment can be used for providing visualization and access during the medical procedure. The instruments we provide are reliable, sturdy, and sharp.
Tendon Passer

Tendon Passer


Tendon Passer is used for the handling of tendons in a variety of surgical procedures. It comes in a ...

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