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Ear Rongeurs are used during surgical procedures to cut, modify or nip away small bone fragments and hard tissues. They can create a window in the bone and enable the surgeon to examine the underlying cavity.

Here are some of the types:
•    Ear Rongeur
•    Zaufal-Jansen Rongeur
•    Bane Mastoid Rongeur
•    Beyer-Stille Rongeur

These rongeurs have plier-style handles that fit comfortably in hand and provide optimal control over the instrument.

Bane Mastoid Rongeur, Curved, 7 inch

Bane Mastoid Rongeur, Curved, 7"

SKU: G19-179

Availability: In Stock

It is a multipurpose surgical instrument used in several orthopedic procedures. Specifically, it ass ...

$330.76 $264.61
Ear Rongeurs

Ear Rongeurs

Ear Rongeurs are used for ear surgical procedures. The design of stainless steel provides non-corros ...

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Zaufal Jansen Rongeur 7 inch Curved 4mm Double Action

Zaufal Jansen Rongeur 7" Curved 4mm Double Action

SKU: G19-180

Availability: In Stock

Zuafal Jansen rongeur is utilized for modifying and cutting bones. This instrument will surely assis ...

$462.60 $370.08
Beyer-Stille Rongeur 7 inch 4x15mm Bite Curved

Beyer-Stille Rongeur 7" 4x15mm Bite Curved

SKU: G19-181

Availability: In Stock

Beyer-Stille rongeur is broadly used in several orthopedic surgical procedures. The instrument has G ...

$462.60 $370.08