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Cast Spreader

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The Cast Spreader is a tool intended to help remove casts. The spreader can be used to detach the edges of the cast until cut with the saw. Several treatments in the orthopedic style include a cast to keep the bones in the correct position to allow healing in the right orientation. Cast spreaders are an appropriate tool that retains a suitable separation in the edges of the cast to encourage extraction without creating patient injury. This instrument includes 3 prongs and sharpened jaws for one-handed surgeries, with spring pressure. Following these criteria, GerMedUSA has established a special and effective standard instrument collection for surgeons. This equipment can be used during the process to provide visualization and access. The instruments are all accurate, robust, and sharp. Hence, they can be reused after disinfection.
Cast Spreader 9 inch with Spring Action

Cast Spreader 9" with Spring Action

SKU: G24-281

Availability: In Stock

Three-Prong Cast Spreader 9" with Spring Action for One Hand Operation

Henning Cast Spreader 11 inch

Henning Cast Spreader 11"

SKU: G10-98

Availability: In Stock

Henning Cast Spreader, 11"

Beeson Cast Spreader 12 1/4 inch

Beeson Cast Spreader 12 1/4"

SKU: G10-97

Availability: In Stock

Cast Spreader Walton 9 inch

Cast Spreader Walton 9"

SKU: G10-78

Availability: In Stock


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