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Vein Strippers

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The Vein Strippers are surgical instruments used for removing veins during surgical procedures. Generally, it is used to pull out under the skin using minimal incision. Usually, surgeons making incisions between the groin and middle thigh. The vein attached to the wire and then pulled out. A variety of options are available for the ease of the customers. However, Vein Stripper Sets are also available with the sterilized cases. These instruments are made of medical-grade German stainless steel. They are user-friendly tools that are safe during usage. They do not cause fatigue and strain in the hands or wrist of the users. It is reusable, lightweight, and reliable. This equipment is often considered best because of its longevity. Therefore, GerMedUSA has designed a manufactured Vein Strippers that can be a part of your amazing operating room surgical kit.

Nabatoff Vein Stripper

Nabatoff Vein Stripper


Nabatoff Vein Stripper comprised of traction cable, olive adaptors, probe tips, and handle. This ste ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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