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Pi Needle Holder is ideal for use in surgical procedures for holding and guiding needles through tissues for stitching up wounds. It is available in multiple sizes, styles, and types.

Here are some of the types:
•    PI Needle Holder
•    PI Derf Needle Holder 4 3/4" Tungsten Carbide
•    PI Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 5"
•    PI Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 5" Tungsten Carbide
•    PI Baumgartner Needle Holder 5" Tungsten Carbide
•    PI Webster Needle Holder 5" Tungsten Carbide
•    PI Castroviejo Needle Holder 5 1/2" Tungsten Carbide

This tool is manufactured with surgical-grade German forged stainless material that keeps it safe from rust and corrosion.