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Eye Needle Holders

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Eye Needle Holder is made from German stainless steel and tungsten carbide inserts to provide stability, accuracy, and a durable, non-slip, cross-hatched surface. Constructed for the use of sutures, these fine needle-drivers are used to grip the needle during fine suture operations tightly. Needle holders have absolute control when stitching. Precision-milled, pyramid-shaped teeth provide a durable, non-slip surface. Some needle holder styles are also usable with seamless tungsten carbide jaws to keep the lowest sutures in microsurgery and plastic surgery processes.

Castroviejo Needle Holder, Barraquer Needle Holder, and Troutman Needle Holder are unique patterns used for eye surgical procedures. All these patterns are further designed in various shapes, sizes, and styles. These variations are perfect to be a part of your surgical kit. We also offer customized instruments if you have not found the instruments of your choice. These customized instruments are easy to use and perfectly crafted while considering the need of your surgeries.  

GerMedUSA understands the needs and requirements of the accurate size of the instruments for surgery. All of our Instruments are manufactured with German Forged stainless steel. This equipment can be used for providing visualization and access during the medical procedure. The instruments we provide are reliable, sturdy, and sharp.

Troutman Needle Holder

Troutman Needle Holder


Troutman Needle Holder is a highly versatile surgical instrument and used in the postoperative manag ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Castroviejo Needle Holder Curved

Castroviejo Needle Holder Curved

SKU: Castroviejo Needle Holder Curved

Castroviejo Needle Holder is an incredible instrument used during microsurgical procedures. It comes ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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