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Lung Grasping Forceps Cardio and Thoracic Instruments

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Lung Grasping Forceps (cardio and thoracic instruments) CTI is built with triangular jaws to produce a broad, 25.0 mm wide surface area. The triangle structure aims to disperse the stress exerted and is particularly useful when pulmonary tissue is grafted so that the pulmonary tissue is not affected. For example, in a thoracotomy, these forceps can be employed to clamp and separate each lung lesion to eliminate the cancerous fragment.

These instruments are manufactured from premium-grade German surgical stainless material. So, all our instruments are reusable and used for a more extended time period. The heat and pressure do not affect the instrument’s body.

GerMedUSA followed the practical alternative for all surgeons around the world. This instrument has everything to it. This tool includes equipment that can be used to include monitoring and accessibility during the operation. The tools are all precise, sturdy, and sharp.

Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps

Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps


Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps are used for lung mobilization during Thoracotomy Procedures. These f ...

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