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LEEP/LLETZ Pederson Speculum with Smoke Evacuation Tube Coated

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The LEEP/LLETZ Pederson Speculum With Smoke Evacuation Tube Coated is a surgical instrument used for viewing the vaginal canal for symptomatic or potential surgical purposes. Specifically, this instrument is used in gynecological surgery, specially LEEZ or LLETZ. Gynecologists use a variety of sizes to meet the surgical needs and requirements. The medical-grade German stainless steel body of the tool is chrome coated. This tool is designed and manufactured by the specialists to guard users against the electrosurgical current. It is reusable, lightweight, and unbendable. By utilizing any quick and convenient process, it is easy to be disinfected. Sterilization heat and pressure do not affect the body or coating of the instruments. While in surgery, it does not breakdown easily. Thus, GerMedUSA has designed and manufactured a LEEP/LLETZ Pederson Speculum With Smoke Evacuation Tube Coated with multiple variations. Our splendid equipment is immaculate to be a part of your surgical kit.

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