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Ear Suction Tubes

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Ear suction tubes are perfect, twisted stainless steel tubes required to suck fluid and ear cerumen. The tubes fit on a House Adaptor for suction regulation in various sizes and measurements with a color-coded connector. These incredible suction tubes are perfect for aural micro-suction to remove impacted earwax. The low-pressure suction device is also known as an ear irrigator. The suction tubes comfortably and safely clean the patient ear. One tube feature a finger cut-off. Especially, this is useful in suctioning blood between membranous and bony external auditory canal when the membranous canal is separated during fenestration operation. The suction amount allows the tube to keep the area clean, but insufficient force can cause any trauma to the ear canal. 

These suction tube without any finger cut-off is also helpful for clinical practices. This timesaving device is perfect for cleaning discharge fluid from the ear. The small caliber ensures its use via magnifying otoscope without blocking the vision of the field. The suctioning of the middle ear can be done directly via small and large tympanic. Our broad range of suction tubes is perfectly crafted from German surgical stainless material. So these instruments are ideal for long-term use. The stainless instrument is rustproof and lightweight. 

GerMedUSA has created a versatile Ear suction tube method for practitioners. With the support of specialists, we developed this exclusive instrument. The development of medical technology has encouraged a much more detailed diagnosis. Such equipment can be used during the process to provide grasping and access. The instruments are all accurate, robust, and sharp. Hence, they can be reused after sterilization. We also offer customization options for the instruments you need to satisfy your personal surgical need. 

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