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Babcock Tissue Forceps

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The Babcock Tissue Forceps are incredible surgical instruments used for grasping delicate tissues. Generally, they play a vital role in laparotomy and intestinal surgical procedures. They are similar to Allis Forceps but they are less traumatic. The features embody finger-ring handles along with ratchet technology and semicircular rounded tips for grasping and holding. The fine quality 100% medical-grade German stainless steel body of the forceps can be sterilized easily. The heat and pressure while disinfecting the tools, do not affect the functioning of the instruments. They are nonreactive, solid, and exceptionally balanced. While not inflicting injury to the muscles and veins, these tools aid in the firm and smooth holdings. The special autoclavable designs are ideal to provide confidence to the user in the operating room. Thus, GerMedUSA offers Babcock Tissue Forceps that are flawless to be a part of your surgical kit.
Babcock Forceps

Babcock Forceps


Babcock Forceps are ratcheted, finger ring, and non-perforating forceps and are widely used to grasp ...

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