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Bone Hooks

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The bone hook is best used in procedures involving bone holding and adjustment. Surgeons all over the world prefer our instruments because of their high quality and precision. 

•    Carroll Bone Hook
•    Lombardi Bone Hooks
•    Proximal Femoral Elevation Bone Hooks

GerMedUSA brings promising topline surgical instruments designed with the help of experts. All of our Instruments are manufactured with the German Forged stainless material.

Carroll Bone Hook

Carroll Bone Hook


The Carrol bone hooks assist in multiple neurosurgeries. The 7" handle has a geometric design patter ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Volkmann Bone Hook 9 1/2 inch Sharp 20mm

Volkmann Bone Hook 9 1/2" Sharp 20mm

SKU: G26-210

Availability: In Stock

The Volkmann bone Hook assists in Limb surgeries. Its main objective is to grasp and separate tissue ...

$106.99 $80.24
Proximal Femoral Elevation Bone Hooks

Proximal Femoral Elevation Bone Hooks

SKU: Proximal Femoral Elevation Bone Hooks

The Proximal Femoral Elevation Bone hook assists in femoral surgical instruments. The hook is usuall ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Lombardi Bone Hooks

Lombardi Bone Hooks

SKU: Lombardi Bone Hooks

Lombardi Bone Hooks are used during a wide range of orthopedic surgical procedures. It comes in mult ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Blount Bone Lever 26cm

Blount Bone Lever 26cm

SKU: G13-508

Availability: In Stock

Blount Bone Lever assists in multiple bone surgeries. The instrument's head is hooked in shape, wher ...

$82.06 $65.65
Bone Hook 8 inch Blunt 20mm Deep T Handle

Bone Hook 8" Blunt 20mm Deep T Handle

SKU: G26-202

Availability: In Stock

Bone Hook is commonly used to separate the hard and bony structures away from the surgical site. It ...

$139.75 $104.81
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