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Bandage Scissors

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Our durable bandage scissors are perfect for nurses, doctors, clinicians and paramedic staff. These scissors are used to lift bandages away from the skin for easy cutting. The blunt and pointed tip prevents accidental injury during bandage removal. GerMedUSA Inc. offers a variety of Bandage Scissors German:

•    Lister Bandage Scissors
•    High-Level Bandage Scissors (Knowles)
•    Multi Color Coated Bandage Scissors
•    Super Cut - Super Sharp Bandage Scissors
    Tungsten Carbide Bandage Scissors
•    Left-Handed Bandage Scissors

Our wide range of Bandage Scissors are specifically designed and crafted in accordance with the surgical/medical requirements.

Bandage and Plaster Shears

Bandage and Plaster Shears


Bandage And Plaster Shears are well-suited to cut and remove the thicker plaster material and bandag ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Emergency Room Shears 8 inch Serrated Edge

Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge

SKU: G10-09

Availability: In Stock

Emergency room shears are widely used in OR settings for any quick-cutting purpose. These shears are ...

$139.95 $111.96
U.S. Army Gauze Scissors 8 inch

U.S. Army Gauze Scissors 8"

SKU: G10-08

Availability: In Stock

The U.S Army Gauze Scissors are used for cutting gauze. These features include finger-ring handles w ...

$46.51 $37.21
Bruns Plaster Shears 9 1/2 inch

Bruns Plaster Shears 9 1/2"

SKU: G10-72

Availability: In Stock

Bruns Plaster Shears are used for cutting and removing the thicker plaster cast. These shears have m ...

$245.65 $196.52
Cushion Handle Utility Scissors

Cushion Handle Utility Scissors

SKU: Cushion Handle Utility Scissors

Cushion Handle Utility Scissors have a smooth cutting action and rugged durability to assist several ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Utility Scissors Curved

Utility Scissors Curved

SKU: Utility Scissors Curved

Utility Scissors are used for several purposes due to their versatile nature. The scissors have Germ ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Utility Scissors Straight

Utility Scissors Straight

SKU: Utility Scissors Straight

Utility Scissors Straight is used for several purposes. These scissors are available in several vari ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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