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Dermal Punches

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Dermal Punches are suitable for medical professionals to poke a hole in cartilage to collect biopsy samples. The dermal punch for taking biopsy sections of various sizes is included in a range of knife sizes. The instruments come with different variations so that you can pick the best one of your choice. Some patterns feature a bullet shape ring at the working end that allows easy sampling. The long circular handle ensures firm grasping of the sample. The body of the instrument is made of 100% medical-grade stainless steel. This metal keeps it lightweight and rustproof. The stainless steel body renders the surface inert to many chemical reactions. Thus, it gives exceptional built-in corrosion resistance, specifically in the internal human body environment. Dermal instruments are reusable after sterilization.

GerMedUSA has thus embraced the practical solution for all surgeons worldwide. This set includes everything, including a broad range of basic orthopedic instruments. We created these exclusive dermal tools with the aid of experts. All the equipment in this collection is made of stainless steel manufactured by German Forged. This equipment is used to bring monitoring and accessibility during the process. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp. 

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